How Do We Relieve Your Stress?

With our Natural & Herbal ingredient!


According to studies valerian reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and improves sleeping quality, so if you have difficulties with falling asleep, it might be the remedy for you. Valerian root is well known by the general public and physicians for its sedative effect and anti-anxiety potential.



Jasmine has been known since ancient times as the “Queen of Flowers.” Although, is much more than just a pretty flower with a delightful aroma, it also provides remarkable health benefits. Relieves stress, antibacterial qualities, treats insomnia, regulates circulation and sedative effect.

How To Get Perfect Sleep

We are passionate about giving you a perfect sleep!

Avoid alcohol, nicotine and excessive eating near bedtime and don’t forget to Limit caffeine intake!


Keep your sleep environment dark and Reduce evening light exposure like TV, Computer and Phone!

Extra Push

Taking a hot bath or shower, Listening to calming music. Omitting daytime naps are always a good idea!

Time to Drink

Drink a can of Natural Herbal Drink 45 minutes before going to bed!

Some Facts

Improves Stress Management0%
Calms Anxiety0%
Improves quality of sleep0%
Eases Menstrual Cramps0%

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