What is Herbal Natural Drink?

An estimated nearly 75% of the adult population experiences some form of stress, and these numbers are rising continuously. Herbal Natural Drink is a natural drink designed for those people who need extra help to relax or to achieve a good night’s sleep. The drink contains a combination of Jasmine, Valerian root, Magnesium and Calcium to support relaxation and healthy sleep patterns.

When is the best time to consume the drink?

It can be consumed any time of the day. During daytime it helps you to relieve stress and restore your inner balance. If you drink it before bedtime it helps you having a soothing sleep.

What is the taste like?

It has a slightly sweet, refreshing green apple taste which is emphasized by its lightly carbonated flavor.

How safe is it to take it and drive?

It is safe to drive after consumption, as it is not a sedative it doesn’t put you to sleep within 5 minutes. The drink helps in relaxation if you are in a sleeping environment.

Where Can I Buy it?

Online, in stores, at airports, from vending machines and the list is not final yet. We welcome distribution partners to expand internationally.

Who should take it?

Anyone who would like to experience another level of relaxation and wake up energized in the morning. Our product has a big fan base of professional athletes, businessmen, students and fresh parents.