About our drink

Herbal Natural Drink helps you in relaxation and also improves both the duration and quality of your sleep with its lightly carbonated, green apple flavour which is sure to enjoy. Herbal Natural Drink contains a combination of Valerian Root and Jasmine, Magnesium and Calcium. Herbal Natural Drink is created to relax the body, soul and mind. It is an ideal beverage for those who can appreciate extreme relaxation. So, have a sip of Herbal Natural Drink and blow off the steam!







Jasmine health benefits include the support of cardiovascular health, psychological health and the digestive system. It prevents cancer, controls diabetes, helps to boost the immune system, plus it’s ideal for those who suffer from insomnia.


Valerian root improves the quality of sleeping, reduces anxiety & stress. It’s helpful in controlling hyperactivity, decreases menopausal symptoms, prevents dizziness, improves the heart rate. It has been proven to be an effective cure for restless leg syndrome and a helpful treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism.


Magnesium helps in relieving constipation and managing diabetes. It strengthens the bones, treats migraines and headaches, improves heart health, in addition it relieves premenstrual syndrome and anxiety.


Calcium promotes weight loss, effectively supports the cardiac system, reduces the risk of colon cancer, helps to prevent kidney stones. Also, it helps to balance body pH, prevents osteoporosis and several diseases of the mouth.

Nutrition information / 100ml

Energy: 71KJ (17Kcal)
Fat: 0 g
of which saturates: 0 g
Carbohydrate: 4 g
of which sugars: 4 g
Protein 0 g
Salt: 0,2 g

Guest Services Manager – Budapest Marriott Hotel

As I work rotating shifts, sometimes it is difficult for me to fall asleep. That’s when I get help from Herbal Natural drink to make it easier to catch sleep thus it prepares me for next day’s challenges.


Designer & Blogger

If it was possible I would spend half of my days with sleeping, but who wouldn’t? For 4 years now, every day I have to wake up early because of my duties as a mother, additionally I’m currently pregnant again, so it’s really important for me to get deep sleep at nights. Also, I’m trying to charge myself up for the upcoming nights till the birth of my second baby, in which Herbal Natural Drink is a huge help.


Professional Football Player

Being a professional football player means that quality relaxation plays very important role in my life. On the night before the game it is crucial to have a deep sleep, that is when Herbal Natural Drink helps me. Thus, on the day of the game I don’t have to worry whether I score a goal because I give my best form when I’m well rested.



Plenty of cases when I need to get a restful sleep in a short time I am in trouble because I just can’t fall asleep. I’m up even at 2 am, turning and tossing sleeplessly in my bed, thinking about the matters of my own and the world’s too. If I can’t get at least 6 hours of sleep I’ll wake up enervated and moody, plus I feel like I’m starving all day long. I suppose I don’t have to introduce to anyone what might happen if a woman is hungry. …. And here comes @herbalnaturaldrink into the picture, this amazing relaxation beverage, which is a huge help on those nights when I arrive into bed way too energized. Thank you for the sweet dreams!


Model & blogger

In recent times I can’t sleep properly. The allergy season has started and I’m extremely allergic to poplar trees, additionally I have numerous projects going on at the minute which I’m quite nervous about and it has a huge effect on my sleep. Now that we could afford some time off from our busy schedule I thought I’ll try something out in order to get a quality sleep. I chose @herbalnaturaldrink for this task and I must say it is simply fantastic. I highly recommend that You try it out.


Dental Technician

@herbalnaturaldrink is my new little favourite, what brings sleepiness into my days, without that it would be impossible for me to get a good night’s sleep since I’m constantly thinking about the BIG day. On top of that this drink also eliminates stress. I don’t deny it, my day was highly stressful… I had at least 3 can of this relaxation drink. How did your day go?